Monday, November 26, 2007

Completed projects

These socks were first completed back in August with a tabi toe so that I could wear them with sandels. I hated them! The toes were not comfortable for me and I've decided I really don't like the feel of the short row heel on homemade socks. I think I much more prefer the heel flap design. So I frogged the toes and redid them with a traditional toe round decrease and gave them to my youngest daughter whose feet are modeling them. She's happy with them and the colorway suits her. I think that is why I chose to use this skein of yarn anyways when I made them. I didn't think I was going to like them and yet it wouldn't have been a waste of time as I knew she'd wear them!

The dragonfly doily is a Hass design I made for my good friend's birthday, though a belated gift it was. She loved it!

Now I need to decide what I would like to make next. I have a couple of ideas. One is to see what the pattern will be in one of the yahoo sock groups that I belong to that will be coming out the start of December. The other project I can't really say because if I go out and buy the yarn for it, it will be a Christmas gift for someone in the family. So, I should know after this weekend what it'll be that I will start working on.

In other news, my college class is almost over. Yeah!!!! I have class this Thursday evening and my final is the following. I've decided not to continue on with more classes as I really don't want to be a student for the next 5+ years to get a BSN which while it might open a few more opportunities in the future, those opportunities will probably want me to go on for my masters! As it is, I found it hard to find time to devote to school when I had so many other things I wanted to or should have been doing. I also found I don't want to take more nursing courses, I'm all ready a nurse! So I'll finish up this course and hopefully get busy with the other projects I've wanted to work on!

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's been over a month?!

I can't believe how fast time flies by. I have 3 more classes left for my college class. So far, I think I'm doing okay. I can't wait for it to be done. I don't like being a student again. The bedroom is almost done. Bought new wall sockets yesterday that I need to figure out how to change and not electrocute myself! I want to change them as the previous owners had painted over them with yellow paint and the room is now blue and I don't want to paint them blue. I've also been battling this cold/sinus thing for awhile now. It just saps my energy. I'm just about done with the belated birthday doily I've been working on. Perhaps I'll finish that up today and block it so I can give it to my friend when I see her Monday evening. Oh well. Off I go.....