Thursday, August 23, 2007

Okay, I've let most of the summer go by without a post. It's been a busy summer. I spent a wonderful weekend in Maine during July and spent another wonderful 13 days there again in August on vacation. I did finish knitting a pair of socks I had started at the beginning of the summer, but I don't like them. I used a no-wrap short row heel and a tabi toe. I've decided for me, I prefer the way a heel-flap heel feels better and while I wanted the tabi toe to wear the socks with sandals on a cool night, I'm not crazy about the way they feel on either. So, I'll see if my daughter likes them and if so, they're hers. I got my Favorite Socks book, and there are lots of great socks there to make and on my online groups there are a couple of new interesting patterns being worked on as well. I just can't decide which I'd like to make next. The kids are back to school starting Sept 5th and the oldest starts college on Monday. Speaking of college, I'm going to take the plunge and take a college nursing course towards my BSN. If I like going back to school, then this college has what seems to be a great program for the RN to BSN. It'll only take 5 years, LOL, It's one course a semester. We'll see how it goes..... it's a 2 hour class once an evening for 8 weeks and it'll be held at the hospital where I work. So, I don't know how much time I will have for knitting, but we'll see, I may have to make time for stress relief. I did read 5 books over vacation and started a 6th. I'm on a reading kick at the moment. Well, off I go to finish up a few other things. TTFN


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