Thursday, October 04, 2007

I hate painting

Okay, so I've been doing prep work for the last 2 weeks on my son's old room so my youngest daughter can eventually move in there. Today, I decided it was time to prime the ceiling. While the nice swirly, ridged ceiling is nice looking, it is not so nice to have to paint. I'm told, that unless I used a primer like Kilz on it, the paint won't adhere and will drip off the little peaks of the swirl design. Before I could start painting, I needed to wash off the walls from all the paint and drywall repair residue. Did I tell you what a mess these walls were????? I then spent a good hour going around cutting the edges... apparently the room had been blue before the previous owners had painted it yellow. There were some blue spots on the ceiling edges. Then came the fun (not really) of rolling it. There is only 1 window in this room, no air draft, and today is one of those hot, humid, days we have been having in New England. At one point I thought for sure I'd pass out and fall off the ladder. I have paint in my hair, on my skin and hands and in spite of washing it won't all come off. After getting done with the ceiling (hope I didn't miss any spots as it's hard to tell where you painted and where you didn't due to the shadows) I decided to roll primer stuff on the walls especially where the repairs were done and where markings were on the walls that didn't wash off (gotta love boys). I can't believe all the spots I found that were missed when spackling. Okay, I can believe it. The people who originally hung the sheetrock and did the taping in this house did a not so great job. You can see old taping lines. I thought I had fixed most of them, but I didn't. It's so discouraging. I'm exhausted now. I'm debating about painting the ceiling with ceiling paint now or just leaving the white kilz stuff as the "new ceiling". I really don't want to roll that ceiling again. For that matter, I don't really want to paint the walls either. I guess it's just that I'm tired. Eventually, all the rooms in the house need repainting, but as I said before, the original people did a lousy job and there are taping repairs that need to be done is several areas. Things we missed when buying the house as strategically placed furniture does a great job of hiding.... believe me, I know! LOL. I wish it wasn't so expensive to just hire someone to do the job because as I said I hate painting! TTFN