Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, time has escaped me. It's been awhile since I've written yet again. Life has gotten me a bit down lately and I know I'm not my usual self. Stress, Stress, Stress. The children, the spouse, the house, work..... all of it. And while I usually like to knit to relieve stress, I've just not been wanting to do much of that lately either. I did finish up a lovely pair of socks that are given to my youngest daughter as I figured out a bit late in the knitting progress, I should have used a larger needle if I wanted them to fit me. I need to post a picture soon. I should post a few pics as I think I am behind there too. Good news.....the end of the school year is near. June 25th! We are having a grad picnic for the oldest on the 30th.....(I should get started on cleaning the house instead of writing here) but I also wanted to mention that I've joined another sock knitalong blog. I love the socks in that book from the previews I've seen and reading this blog that I've found. Well, I'll write more another time. TTFN