Friday, April 20, 2007

Here's what's new

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I had the first week of April off from work, but didn't get much of anything I wanted to done. Things happen. I did win first place in the annual Good Friday family pierogi cookoff :-) This is such a fun and yummy time. We all make the potato and cheese variety and need to bring at least 1 dozen (but more is better as my brother likes to say) and the kids are the judges. We are all given numbers and the kids don't know who has what number. It's funny though, in the end, each kid has usually guessed which number their parent had....guess they are used to the flavor. What's nice is everyone gets to fill up on some yummy homemade pierogies and enjoy some family togetherness as on Easter everyone is with their own families or inlaws usually. I'm nearing completion on a pair of socks that I'm making as a belated birthday gift for someone......don't want to give out all the details right now. Look perhaps next week for a posting with a picture of them as I hope to have them done and given this Sunday night when we are all together to celebrate my son's birthday. Work has been very busy. Lots of baby's being born and I'm still battleing this cold I've now had for a week. Boy it's knocked me out. If I do too much, I'm out for the count early in the evening or I had up falling asleep in the afternoon for a nap. Well, that's all for now as I do need to get busy and clean the house a bit today so I won't have as much to do tomorrow. TTFN