Monday, September 11, 2006

Progress report

A little update of where I'm at in the sock making. My SKS sock is to the point of the heel. It is the forethought heel and in order to do the heel, I know I need to be focused and not distracted so that once I do the provisional cast on and get started I can complete the whole heel. On the red/white/blue sock, I've just about reached the point of the heel flap since my niece wants the pair to be ankle socks. I don't think I'll get anymore done on the sock tonight though as I need to get the kids to finish up the rest of their homework and get them organized for school tomorrow as I work and will be out the door before they leave for school. So, speaking of getting organized, off I go. TTFN

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I've got 2 socks going now

Well, I started the red/white/blue socks for my niece that are going to be a simple ribbing design and stopped after about an inch because I don't remember if she wanted the ribbing to be long enough to cuff over itself or not. It was too late to call her last night, so I started the second sock to the chevron socks I'm making for my oldest daughter. The pattern for this sock is in Sensational Knitted Socks. Off topic......after doing lots of running around today, I picked up pizza for supper and came in the door to have the kids tell me the dogs ate a box of chocolates from a full valentine box of chocolates my oldest daughter had tossed in her garbage having never ate them herself. So....I called the vet emergency line and was told that they probably would have some GI symptoms and that I should give them hydrogen peroxide (she told me how much based on their weight) since we didn't know how long ago it happened if there was still any in their stomach, they would vomit it up. Kaylee the 30# dog vomited a very small amount of white mucous, however, Buster the 75# dog vomited up chocolate wrappers and more....I won't be so descriptive here....guess he's the one who got most of the chocolate.....either way, neither of them get to have dinner tonight. The vet said to continue to observe them for GI symptoms or general "not feeling well", panting, tremors and if by morning they are their usual doggie selves then there shouldn't be anything to worry about. Well, gotta get the kids started on the bedtime routine, today was their first day back at school. TTFN

Monday, September 04, 2006

2 socks on 2 circulars

Well, for the second time I tried to master this and ended up with a big tangled up mess and twisting the socks. There must be a trick to keeping the yarns organized and not tangled. I'm going to have to post for help on one of the sock groups I belong to. In the meantime, since these socks are to be a belated birthday present for one of my nieces, I decided to do one sock at a time on the 2 circular needles. Hopefully, I won't mess it up since the pattern was orignally written for doing with dpns.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Fetzensocken Sock

Well here it is! The picture of my completed fetzensocken socks that will be a birthday present for one of my nieces later this month. The pattern is designed by Diana Meyers. This sock was the July/August sock along for the sockamaniac yahoo group. New knitting techniques for me while knitting this sock were the creation of the picot cuff edge for which I learned how to do a provisional cast on and short row heels.